Savings from shows and CD sales helped buy a Metric Halo Mobile i/o, which allows us to record direct into the laptop through some decent preamps. We're still learning how to run the new device, but we'll soon be able to do some of the projects we're planning--remote/mobile recording sessions: Handwringers, a mix between Black Cab Sessions, DayTrotter, and lofi farm.


Recording using various bond/weight paper--tissue, wax paper, kleenex, copier paper, etc.--woven into and through the guitars strings. Layers of vibrations, tones.

Glad to hear JP Olsen (Beetkeepers, Burn Barrel, Tim Easton, etc.) is recording again, with Anton Fier (Feelies) producing and Tim Easton lending a hand. And Old 3C re-releasing their
music .

OtherAlso: Karin and I also had a chance to play with Shambie Singer a while back. Shambie was in Palace of Oranges and before that, the Lonely Moans on SubPop . Really like the way he plays. Brings out and creates some unusual melodic tones in our music.

Karin has had a show this summer/fall at Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA)
Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA)

Go to the Media page for MP3s and the Buy page to purchase either album.

Carrot Top Distributing is carrying both releases, as are AmpCamp and iTunes ("Uh Oh" only for now).

The Burdens music and Karin's art appear in Michael Oatman's documentary, "Model Citizens: A Miniature Epic" Opening:
Airport Gallery
and some press through RPI: Oatman.
There were many intriguing artists there, especially, Live Paint and
Mark Williams
Danny Goodwin
Ken Ragsdale
Randy Regier (Man Shaft)

And, we recently did a song for a Limited Music Editions project down in Brooklyn: The Antonym. More on this soon. Limited Music Editions

July 2006:

Bellows Falls, Vt. www.ramp-vt.org
Rockingham Arts and Museum Project (RAMP)

The Burdens will play Model Citizens opening night and be writing a song/score for ''Model Citizens," an exhibition and video documentary curated and produced by Michael Oatman. ''Model Citizens" made its first stop in Cambridge, part of the Cambridge Arts Council's Public Art/Moving Site project www.cambridgeartscouncil.org, which has three exhibits rotating through Cambridge, New Haven www.artspacenh.org, and Bellows Falls, Vt. www.ramp-vt.org