"The Burdens - "Lonely Town". I have a friend called Karin. And another Karin reads this blog as well. (Hi!) And in this band, a band called The Burdens, a girl called Karin plays drums. It is extremely unlikely that these three Karins are the same person. They have different last names, probably different haircuts. But I have to admit that when I listen to this song I imagine my friend Karin K behind the drums. Not because The Burdens sound like how I imagine Karin sounds, playing music. But because a Karin is a Karin, and the drums sound so, so, so trustworthy here. Richard Scullin sings and plays his guitar and he doesn't have to look back for even a second. He can sing about being lost, about being unsure, about "hey now / hey now / let it go". But he needn't ever question the friend behind him with her bangs in her eyes, who shakes her head as she hits the snare and smiles little glints of white on those rare moments she strikes a cymbal.

There's something very right in "Lonely Town" - like a melody that's fitted to your pocket. without any country, or any alt. It's just the things you can't adequately write in words: want, home, wanderlust, the comfort of singing a sadness to friends. "


"Overlooked, underappreciated?. With a simplistic style both lyrically and sonically, The Burdens have created a down home feel one would not expect from a band from coming out of the East Coast - their sound is rooted in alt-country as much as it is in alt-rock. "
Amp Camp

"The Burdens could sound like an unpolished Modest Mouse...."
[C.D. Di Guardia]
pdf of the review, 6/2005

Knitting Factory preview from Chuck Eddy, Sr. Editor, Village Voice, previewing Saturday's gig with Matt Sutton (The Malarkies) and Denton, TX's Oceanographer.
the Village Voice

The Burdens, Uh Oh: "The Burdens distill songs down to their lo-fi basics, creating a uniquely potent brand of folk-rock." [George Ford]
Delusions of Adequacy
Delusions of Adequacy (pdf)

What the world needs about now is some pure, minimalist rock – some simple, straightforward guitar lines, maybe a dissonant chord here and there, plus some functional yet witty drumbeats. An occasional bass line would do to propel things along. Melodies should emerge organically from the chord changes, and understated, naked vocals should reflect lyrics stripped to the bone....Meet The Burdens.
Releasing the Burdens (pdf)
The Rogovoy Report (link)

The Burdens, Uh Oh: "un duo américain qui fait revivre une certaine idée de la lo-fi, mélodique, authentique, rageuse et sincère."
[Didier Goudeseune]

"...Scullin and multi-instrumentalist friend Karin Stack are comfortable enough to move away from campus-friendly sounds and explore their experimental side."
Splendid Zine

The Burdens - Uh Oh: "Jangly guitar country college rock from Tucson…Simple and likeable dark folk...A little repetitive, but nice. Country folk with weird guitar effects. A little strange."
Hybrid Magazine

Spotlight in Performer Magazine, 3/2005.
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